Kundalini | Restorative | Vinyasa | Meditation

Kundalini | Restorative | Vinyasa | Meditation

Akasha Escape Teacher

Arezu Kaywanfar 

Arezu is a lifelong Yogini, she began meditating at the age of 5 and started practicing Kundalini Yoga with GuruSingh by the age of 7. No surprise she broke the record at the age of 14 for qualifying as the youngest certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.

Upon completion of her degree in International Affairs and Humanitarian Studies, Arezu returned home to Los Angeles and followed the words of one of her teacher’s, GuruSingh, “love your work and you will never work another day in your life.” dedicating her life to helping individuals through Yoga to connect within, unleashing their own passions and building a life of purpose. Her brand, InspireZu, is all about finding ways to inspire one another through mind and body practices. She emphasizes working out as well as working in. She is also a Personal Trainer, Boxing, Aqua and Zumba Instructor but yoga remains her main focus and passion. She now teaches over 11 different modalities of yoga from Kundalini to Core Power to Restorative; however, she is most known for her trademarked fusion class, “Kundalini Core Flow” which combines most of her lineages as well as her popularised, “Brain Boosting” workshop.

Connect with Arezu on her Instagram here: @inspire_zu

Join Arezu in Rajasthan for an Akasha curated yoga escape March 2019