10 Reasons To Attend A Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training

They say that a Yoga Teacher Training can change your life. While for some people this sounds a little too huge and maybe a yoga retreat in Transylvania would be enough, deep down, we all know how true this is.

I heard a lot of people calling a Yoga Teacher Training an inward journey. Couldn’t agree more. A Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training can be seen as an inward journey, no doubt about that. Can you imagine 27 days, focusing on your body, your feelings, your thoughts, and your emotions? As amazing as it sounds, it is a very challenging journey with lots of tears, food cravings, that will eventually pay off.


A Certified Yoga Teacher Training can teach you valuable lessons that you can share further with other people. What’s more important is that you will be taught a lot of yoga skills such as alignment and proper body awareness. These will not help you avoid injury only, but what these lessons are offering you is beyond the physical.  

No worries about teaching though. While the course itself is called “Yoga Teacher Training” it doesn’t necessarily mean that once you have your Yoga Alliance Diploma, you must become a Yoga Teacher. In order to make myself clear, here are my top 10 reasons you should do your yoga teacher training.

1. You Will Learn And Understand New Things About Your Body

Throughout your yoga teacher training, you will go through several ‘asana classes’ where you will have the chance to fully analyze lots of different postures – and of course, how your body expresses and perceives them.

After completing your Certified Yoga Teacher Training, you will definitely have a better understanding of what your body is capable and can do. Besides that, you learn what adjustments you should make for yourself in a practice that will serve your body.

2. You Will Avoid Injury From Now On

With this newfound body awareness, you will be able to move through your life without getting hurt not even once. You will ski more mindfully, exercise more mindfully, practice more mindfully and so on. You will learn to predict the abilities of your body, stay strong and limber for life.

3. You Will Discover The Strength Of Your Body You Weren’t Aware Of

No doubt there will be tests; your will, your ability to hold postures, your ability to focus and fully complete a sequence, the ability to speak in front of your colleagues at the beginning and in front of people, will all be improved and of course, stretched. You will start over, feeling stronger not only physically but mentally and emotionally too.

4. You Will Create New Friendships - FOR LIFE!


I hope you know that the people you’ll meet in your training will forever hold a special place in your heart. Sure you can meet amazing people while on a Yoga Immersion and Detox Retreat but that will last for a few days only and the time will not allow us to get connected with someone on a deeper level. There is something special about these types of experiences and it will be impossible to not understand each other in a very unique way at the end of your course. You will practice your sequences together, your future“class” and your postures together and you don’t want to forget the person who helped you become the best version of yourself, do you?

5. Prepare To Deepen Your Asana Practice

This goes without saying – paying attention to detail, practicing longer sessions and the newfound awareness of alignment will definitely become those elements that will help you take your practice to a whole new level. Moreover, there are 98% chances that you will come out of your Yoga Teacher Training expressing postures you or your body never dreamed of.

6. Spiritual Practices? Yes, please!

No matter what your current spiritual practice is, a Yoga Teacher Training can definitely help you deepen it. There will be lots of chantings, meditation practices and Yoga Sutras that will be part of your life now and their role is to help you transform your spiritual practice. These are some very useful tools you can use in your daily life. Their role is to help you to connect to yourself.

7. You Will Learn About How Your Mind Actually Works


If you’ve ever wondered how this thing called “mind” works, we feel ya. Amongst all the questions I’ve heard so far, this is definitely the most popular.

No worries though, you did the right choice because a Yoga Teacher Training can definitely help you understand the way your mind works. You will start to notice some of your thought patterns, in meditation, in asana, in lecture, in a presentation. A smart choice will be to understand the fact that this information will help you tune into your mental areas. They say that becoming aware is the most powerful tool for transformation.

8. You Will Connect With Yourself In A Deeper Way

After attending a Yoga Teacher Training, you are most likely walk away with a deeper sense of who you are as an individual. This will definitely help you boost your confidence and accept yourself as you are.

Make sure you understand that this is not as easy as it sounds. It takes long hours to understand how your body and your unique mind works.

9. You Will Master The Art Of Expressing Yourself

Through the act of practice teaching, you will learn how you communicate, and how effective this thing we call communication is. This type of practice will allow you to share your thoughts and feelings more effectively with others.

10. You Will Become Very Confident About Your Abilities

You will fall, that’s for sure. You will stumble. You will cry.  You will fumble over your phrases. But you will also learn the art of picking yourself up, putting your thought together,  laughing it off and moving on. This training will definitely show you how much you can do, how far you can go, and how amazing you are.

Attending a Yoga Teacher Training takes a significant amount of time, commitment and it is definitely something that you should seriously take into consideration. Besides the time and the physical efforts, it also involves some financial savings so make sure you are in the right state of mind before attending it.

But even if the idea of becoming a Yoga Teacher does not resonate with you, amazing things will happen after that. You will see that your practice will soar, your life may take a nice shape and you will end up feeling great with who you are; what great return on investment that can be.  

Want to deepen your yoga practice and become a yoga teacher? Go on a Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training in Transylvania and prepare to take your yoga journey to the next level.

What do you say? Are you with me?  


Mena Curiteanu

Mena is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Akasha Retreat in Transylvania, and she loves everything related to travel. She is also a make-up artist and she enjoys going to the gym and taking long walks with her three dogs.