Yoga for Skiing and Snowboarding



The ski season is upon us. If you are thinking of heading to the slopes, you may be interested in how Yoga can improve your skiing or snowboarding experience. Below we set out three good reasons for practicing yoga before you go.

Snowboarding In Poiana Brasov


1.     Reduced Risk of Injury

Launching off the first morning chairlift onto a slope full of moguls with cold stiff muscles is a recipe for injury. After a morning Yoga practice, our muscles will be more elastic, allowing us to easily weave our bodies into the contours of the ever changing terrain. As postures in Yoga are away symmetrical, practicing can also prevent gradual onset of injury due to holding asymmetrical postures for a long period (such as the snowboarding posture where we tend to usually have the same side forward)


2.     Balance


Good balance is obviously key to snow sports, both in terms of performance and reducing injury. Developing focus through standing balance postures is highly recommended in a pre-snow yoga session. Of particular importance are the warrior postures (which resemble the snowboarding posture), and the Chair Pose, (which resembles the skiing posture). Besides honing balance, these postures have the added benefits of energizing the legs. Having practiced Yoga, we can begin our snow session with the body prepared:


Warrior Yoga Pose
Chair Yoga Pose


3. A Clear Mind

Meditative practices aim at giving the analytical mind a rest, encouraging focus in the present moment and intuition. Such a state is clearly crucial while descending the mountain slopes at speed, when there is often no time to think and we must react in an instant to changing terrain and obstacles, often relying more on our body's intuition. By releasing obsesive thought patterns and competitive desire, we give our mind the space to feel the presence of the silent snowy woods, to see the beauty of a falling snowflake and to enjoy the thrill of sliding on snow as we did when we were children.

Akasha wellness retreat is an ideal location to experience for yourself the synergy of these activities. We invite you to morning sessions of vitalizing yoga and afternoons of playing with the benefits on the slopes of nearby Poiana Brasov, Romania's largest alpine ski network. Evenings you can spend recovering in the sauna, hot-tub or on the massage table.

Even if you can't make to Akasha, try it for yourself, even if it's just ten minutes of sun salutations to energize before hitting the slopes - I guarantee you will notice a positive difference. Enjoy your body enjoy your breath then go enjoy the snow!

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