Mantras. What they are and why we SING

Mantras, in some form, are found across nearly all cultures, amidst nearly all peoples. Though this wide spread usage of mantra makes finding a common, exact definition close to impossible, a fair summary may be as follows: Mantra is, a verbal instrument used to produce a desired effect on the mind.

Mantras come in many forms, but were first composed in Sanskrit (a holy language of India, only spoken for spiritual purposes) dating back over 3,000 years. Identified as being possessed by the potency of the sound or vibration being uttered, it is largely accepted that even without knowing the meaning of the words, the mantra when recited will produce the same effect, which is innate to the words themselves.

Why do we sing Mantras at Akasha?

We respect and hope to enliven these ancient traditions that support the practice of yoga. For us, the benefits are instant.

-We bring the mantra into SONG, combining voices and instruments and the spirits expressed through each. In our experience, the gathering of voice in song is a sure way to generate a sense of JOY within each person participating, and a sense of connection among the group.

-The repetition of mantras can quickly lead one into a place of mental TRANQUILITY, or indeed, meditation. Having the capacity to access a meditative state of mind is essential to one´s well-being. For some, this deep tranquility or meditation is more accessible through singing mantra than through sitting/silent meditation, for example.

-By repeating the mantra over and over, one is brought into complete PRESENCE. When the words of the mantra consume one´s mental facility, aimless thoughts do not have room to enter and distract the mind away from the moment in which one is currently living. It is a beautiful experience to tune into the frequency of one´s voice and like this, the frequency of the mantra.


Mantra´s can have very deep effects when recited accurately, attentively and over a long period of time. Our evenings of mantra offer a light introduction to this practice of antiquity, that guests can experience and if they feel attracted to, continue learning about and incorporating into daily life. It can be meaningful for some to read the mantras´ translation from Sanskrit, which is often characterized by an uplifting, benevolent message. Below are a couple of the mantras we sing together, along with their respective translations:

¨Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo¨ (I surrender to the Divine wisdom within myself)

The rain is pouring down
Like all the souls you sent here
Coming to this Earth
To find healing

Mother earth takes in the rain
Like your heart takes my voice
Let us free eachother
With our prayers, with our voice

And I'm coming home
And I'm coming

Ong namo guru dev namo
Ong namo guru dev namo

Oh, my beloved
Kindness of the heart
Breath of life
I bow to you

Divine teacher
Beloved friend
I bow to you
Again and again

Lotus sitting on the water
Beyond time and space
This is your way
This is your grace

Ong namo guru dev namo
Ong namo guru dev namo

Below: Snatam Kaur - Ong Namo 


¨Jaya Jaya Shiva Shamo¨(sympolizing one´s realization of the highest nature within the self)

Try listening to/singing mantras alone, with a group or joining us at Akasha~ Only by acquainting yourself mantras first hand may you realize how truly rich the experience can be.




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