From Music To Massage

If you told me 10 years ago I would be the resident massage therapist at a yoga and wellness retreat in the mountains of Romania I probably would have given you a very strange look.  I was Head of International at a large UK music distributor and very much involved in the corporate world that came with it.  I was doing a great job at ruining my mind and body - very much the opposite of today!

As the purchasing of physical music products declined, my desire to visit the countries I had been selling to all these years increased and, after a particularly stressful few months, and a realisation that my health was being affected I took the monumental decision to quit.  I handed in my notice, listed everything I own on online sales websites and bought myself a one way ticket to Bangkok.

Bangkok Sunset

I thought perhaps a few months on the road would clear my mind and prepare me for my next music industry career move.  I am now embarking on my 10th year, 19th country, 4th continent and the thought of returning to my ‘previous life’ sends a shiver down my spine.  Many who I’ve met along the way can’t believe that I have ever set foot in an office.  Those I left behind are now used to the stream of beach, mountain and sunset photos.

Along the way I have witnessed some of the most amazing sights and had the privilege of spending time with the most amazing people.  From the monks in South East Asia to the shamans in Central America, my fellow travellers from each corner of the globe and local everyday folks from each unique country, I have learned so many different cultures and ways of life. 

I’ve spent days on end lying in hammocks and swimming in the ocean and to fund this wonderful lifestyle, of course, I’ve had to work too.  It’s amazing how motivated you can be when your ‘office’ is a palapa on the beach next to the Caribbean Sea or the reception desk at a hostel where the guests stay in beautiful wooden cabañas next to the Pacific Ocean.

Visiting Mexico

In a little beach town in Mexico the meeting of the right people in the right place sent me on my next journey - to massage school in Denver, Colorado.  A beautiful collection of likeminded souls gave me the confidence that as well as striving to live a life helping others through my service industry jobs, this could be extended to their physical and emotional wellbeing too.  I embarked on a year long, intensive massage therapy course and graduated with skills in both therapeutic and energy bodywork.

Playing With Snow In Transylvania

I consider myself so lucky that I can now continue my nomadic lifestyle and carry my ‘tools’ with me wherever I roam.  Since leaving school I have been fortunate enough to practice in Indonesia, Japan, Ukraine and now at the wonderful Akasha Wellness Retreat in Romania.  My joy is hopefully contributing to people’s relaxation, helping them heal and rebalancing their energies.

Yoga Pose At Akasha Wellness Retreat

A while ago in a far off land I got a tattoo of my life's philosophy –‘Libérate, Descúbrete, Enamórate, No Mires Atrás’ or 'Free Yourself, Discover Yourself, Fall in Love, Never Look Back'. 

Paz y Luz


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