Yoga as a tool for positive transformation

We often get asked... "How do I apply the calmness & balance I feel during my yoga class to my daily life?"

And we like that question. A lot.

Here's how or more like "why" this is a natural process of transforming the goodness of yoga off your yoga mat and in your daily life.

Yoga Pose In Nature

Yoga transforms people to be better, to be good, to be nicer to themselves, to others to all beings and the natural world. 

I wish this was scientifically proven and it will be soon enough I'm sure. For now I only have to tell you from my own experience of seeing and meeting people here on retreat and around the world and their own yoga journeys. 

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Yoga is addictive for many reasons because it feels and does good. And once you're used to that and your mind and body gets used to that you want more of it and nothing short of this will do.

This applies to everything you do, eat, hear, speak, see, feel and more.... If it's not attaining the same state of calmness, balance & inner freedom it just simply needs to be removed. You will eventually get to this state of removing and letting of anything that disturbs your peace just as eloquently as you do a headstand... with perfection. But it takes practice, self-discipline and some sacrifices such as your old routine, habits, social circle and more. 

For many seasoned practitioners of yoga they've seen their whole lives being transformed ... whole goals & values being retuned and redrawn. 


You become more patient. Not so quick to judge others. Not so demanding. You become more understanding of your own body and yourself, how it operates, what it likes, what it doesn't like. You communicate with others with grace because you expect the same in return. You forget about perfection and external validation, it is only one opinion that matters, yours and what makes you happy. You discover an inner compass that give you relentless confidence, direction, strength & motivation. You start seeing things for how they are not for what they should be. 

This happens. To those that truly understand the meaning of yoga and that it is so much more than sweat, inversions and fab abs. 

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