The Power Of Crystals, Colors and Chakras On A Yoga Retreat

An integral part of the yoga and energy work sessions I do at Akasha Wellness Retreat is the use of crystal energy.  Depending on whether a chakra is unbalanced, closed or even too open a corresponding colour of stone can be placed on the body, specifically at the chakra points.

The combination of the different wavelengths and frequencies of the colours and the crystals, with those of the chakras, and the hands-on bodywork will hopefully encourage the balancing that can result in an overall feeling of wellness.

I’d like to share with you the crystals that I use in my Chakra Balancing sessions. 

Red Jade   (Root Chakra)

Red Jade (Root Chakra)

Red Jade (Root Chakra) –  Eliminates fear of failure and encourages physical strength.  Helps support those with addictive personalities.  Releases negative thoughts and irritability and sooths the mind.  Relinquishes self-imposed limitations and promotes building of thoughts into physical reality.  Physically is a powerful cleansing stone, enhancing the body's filtration and elimination organs. Has a restorative property, allowing for both the cellular and skeletal systems to re-bind themselves, and assists in the removal of pain associated with the body's healing of itself


Red Goldstone   (Root Chakra)

Red Goldstone (Root Chakra)

Red Goldstone (Root Chakra) – Builds energy, courage and a positive attitude.  Increases drive and confidence and renews strength.  Deflects unwanted energies.  Helps one stay calm and stabilizes the emotions.  Physically it is helpful in strengthening the circulatory system, strengthening bones, and easing arthritic pain.




Yellow Jasper   (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Yellow Jasper (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Orange Calcite (Sacral Chakra) – Boosts vitality, balances energies, brings calmness and tranquility.  In work will reduce tension between colleagues.  Brings inspiration and sunshine energy into your life.  Promotes warmth and emotional healing. Physically, it is helpful for the reproductive system, genitals, intestines, irritable bowel syndrome, kidneys, chronic fatigue. It is also used for balancing sexual energies. 


Orange Calcite   (Sacral Chakra)

Orange Calcite (Sacral Chakra)

Yellow Jasper (Solar Plexus Chakra) – Protects against negativity, depression, increasing the feeling of wellbeing. Encourages positive energy and self confidence. Highly protective for travelers  both physically and energetically. Physically is helpful in balancing and energizing the endocrine system, digestion and stomach. Works in a slow, subtle way to give gentle healing.


Green Moss Agate   (Heart Chakra)

Green Moss Agate (Heart Chakra)

Green Moss Agate (Heart Chakra) –Transmutes negative energies into positive.  Attracts prosperity and success, stimulating creativity.  Helps the feeling of empathy and boosts universal love for others.  Calms irritability and temper tantrums.  It is the stone of compatibility and friendship. Physically it helps improve circulation, enhance healing of all types, overcome digestive or intestinal disorders. Is sometimes called the ‘Birthing Crystal’ for its traditional healing property of easing childbirth.


Blue Cherry Glass   (Throat Chakra)

Blue Cherry Glass (Throat Chakra)

Blue Cherry Glass (Throat Chakra) – Many consider glass to have no metaphysical properties but it does have its own set of properties. It can be made to focus light or allow light to pass through invisibly or carry light waves great distances. Represents and carries the energies of transformation, merging of elements, rebirth, focus and communication. Physical can help with soothing, calming, truth, wisdom, loyalty, tranquility, communication, speech, public speaking, peaceful dreams, prophetic visions, protection during sleep. 


Blue Calcite   (Throat Chakra)

Blue Calcite (Throat Chakra)

Blue Calcite (Throat Chakra) – Calming and soothing. Helps retain lessons learned and amplifies learning.  Increases energy, particularly in the realms of communication and thought. Helps express views calmly and with tact.  Is an enhancer of decision-making and helps lead to the path of happiness.  Physically helps with throat, lungs, tonsillitis, thyroid, arthritic, joints, and high blood pressure. 


Ametrine (Amethyst & Citrine)   (3rd Eye Chakra)

Ametrine (Amethyst & Citrine) (3rd Eye Chakra)

Ametrine (Amethyst & Citrine) (3rd Eye Chakra) – Combines the master healer of amethyst with the ‘feel good’ properties of Citrine.  The amethyst energy works quickly to ease and release pain while citrine energy encourages a feeling of wellbeing and mental focus.  Stimulates creativity, promotes inspiration, helps decision making. Used as an aid in meditation. Physically helps with relief from chronic fatigue, tension headaches, depression and stress.



Quartz   (Crown Chakra)

Quartz (Crown Chakra)

Quartz (Crown Chakra) - Enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. Channels universal energy and enhances thoughts.  Harmonizes and balances one's environment.  Good for energizing other crystals.  Dispels negativity and clears away negative energy. Enhances spiritual growth, spirituality and wisdom. Physically is the all purpose crystal healer stone.   Is helpful for chronic fatigue, arthritis, bone injuries, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, intestinal troubles

If you are planning to invest in your own stones then my best advice is take the ones that ‘shout out to you’.  If you feel the energy of the crystal is drawing you to it then….it is yours!  A great example of this is the Blue Cherry Glass stone I use to balance the throat chakra.  As you have read, many say that glass has no metaphysical properties and due to being man made has no energy however, in my sessions, this often is the one that produces the most powerful results. 

What a great excuse to surround yourself with beautiful colours and crystals!

Chakra Balancing - not just for humans! Beasley gets in on the energy work.

Chakra Balancing - not just for humans! Beasley gets in on the energy work.

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