Why the colour in your food matters.

Food Matters. And the colours you eat every day do more than you think. 

As Hippocrates said ”let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Food is a both a physical nourishment and a connection between inner and outer world. Eating influences and is influenced by emotions, creativity, mind, heart, intuition and also our environment, the people, animals, plants and planet and universe!

Here at Akasha, we believe in a holistic approach and in the power that colours have on us. Consider the physical body, emotions, personal power, expansion of the heart, the power of words, intuition and connection, all are interrelated and are influenced by the foods we eat, the thoughts we have, the exercise we do, the words we speak, the thoughts we have and the time we spend meditating. Think about the last time you felt happy. That feeling was expressed biochemically, neurotransmitters, hormones and cells all responded to it, leading to a physical condition that influenced your mood and your thoughts. When different healing traditions of medicine, spirituality and yoga are combined and if we look in more detail at the hormonal system, each endocrine gland starting from the base of the spine moving up to the crown of the head represents a centre of energy.

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The Root – the adrenal glands.

Associated with the red colour, this area is all about your identity, how grounded you feel and the people around you, your tribe. When it comes to nutrition, this system is all about red foods, minerals and proteins.


The Flow – the reproductive system.

This centre is all about creativity, reproduction, emotions and letting go and the colour related to it is orange. This is the part where healthy fats come into place, how hydrated you stay and getting your orange foods.



The Fire – the digestive system

Your digestive power comes from the gallbladder, liver, pancreas, small intestine, stomach. The colour of yellow, yellow foods, complex carbohydrates and healthy sweeteners will balance your ambition, self-esteem and inner power.


The Love – the heart.

This system is all about the love you receive and give, the selfless service and also the grief you hold within. Green foods such as leafy vegetables will help balance this aspect of your life.



The Truth – thyroid gland.

How authentic are you? This system underlines the importance of verbal expression and the choices you have in your life. The whole throat area is associated with speech, thus, liquid foods such as smoothies, soups, juices and fruits together with iodine-rich foods, will keep this area moist.



The Insight – the pituitary glands.

This system is all about your dreams and sleep, intuition and imagination. Indigo is the dominant colour in this case, offering the chance to indulge in nutrients that modulate mood and cognition, think about blue-purple foods and chocolate. Yes, chocolate, not the one with milk and highly processed, instead, the raw version with delicious raw honey.



The Spirit – the pineal gland and nervous system.

Ever had a sense of being part of something else, larger than yourself? This is the area related to your spirituality, meaning and your purpose in life. Pure, white detoxifying foods will help keep this area balanced. Ideally you would be fasting for a short period of time when doing a full detox.

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During your stay at Akasha Wellness Retreat, each day will have a dominant colour and you will not only eat detoxifying coloured foods but you will also use yoga, movement, visualization and meditation to balance all elements in the body. 

For further insight into plant based nutrition Akasha holds regular retreats with guest speakers and founding doctors specialised in Integrative Medicine. Check out all our yoga retreats in Transylvania in our Retreat Calendar

And remember to radiate your own rainbow from the inside with every mouthful. 

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