Meet Jane, Resident Yoga Teacher for our June Yoga Retreats

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Resident Yoga Teacher

Yoga Retreats June 2019

Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson is a yogi, both teacher & eternal student; a holistic health and movement coach & a bodywork and massage therapist.

Jane celebrates the joy and potential of optimal health and happiness through integrated practices exploring movement and stillness.

In early life Jane was a track athlete which immersed her in many principles and methods of movement & optimal training. Participating in a diverse array of sports both competitively and for fun cultivated a love and fascination for the human body.

Since becoming a movement coach in 2012 - Jane progressively began to cultivate a more holistic approach.

Jane incorporated massage & bodywork therapy to allow for a more healing and balanced method. Using aromatherapy, sound, breath, intention and intuition to cultivate deeply restorative states. 

Practicing yoga for around 20 years led Jane to deepen her own practice and complete 200hour YTT in early 2018 with Andrea Everingham. Feeling profound shifts in her life with the application of asana and other limbs of yoga compelled her to learn this ancient art to share in her way with the people she encounters.

From dynamic and sweaty vinyasa, fun animal shape classes to deeply restorative and more breath and meditation focussed sessions - Jane is happy to meet you where you are on the day and at this stage of your life. 

Jane teaches in London and travels with clients worldwide to help them stay happy, healthy and balanced.

Connect with Jane on her Instagram here: @JaneAboutTown