What Is Healing Prayer And How It Can Change Our "Mind-Body-Soul” Connection

Similar to a yoga and meditation retreat, a prayer retreat can definitely represent a breakthrough in your spiritual life.

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Have you ever heard about Prayer Retreats or people who believe that prayer can actually heal? What they really are?

While for some people this sounds a little too much, there are several scientific studies that actually proved the benefits of prayer that can be easily compared with a great meditation session or even a spiritual moment. If you are wondering now if there is a way to combine meditation and prayer in order to reduce the stress the answer is YES and I will share with you some serious reasons of why you should be on the same page with me. Even though there are several spiritual practices such as meditation, visualization, and other mindfulness approaches, combining these amazing techniques can generate inner-peace and can tremendously improve someone’s quality of life (mentally and physically).

Additionally, we all know that every theory must have a scientific study behind. A German Study found out that pray can increase your self-control and the way you interact with others. Another study proved that pray influenced the way they took decisions and had a very important role in their self-control process.

Prayer can strengthen relationships. Yes, this is a valuable source of information especially for those who tend to not forgive and do not know how to let things go. Prayer can have a significant impact on your relationships. Studies have proved that praying for someone you love can increase your tolerance and your forgiveness towards them. Additionally, the trust level can change and it can definitely change the entire meaning of relationship. Now if we take this to the next level, it’s also been found that those who pray for their romantic partners tend to care about their partner and commit less infidelity.

This study at the University of Florida was designed to prove and show its students and people that prayer can influence the way you deal with the stress in your daily life. Moreover, people who prayed or used different spiritual techniques, are far more positive and can cope with stress easily.

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Another benefit of prayer is the fact that is a great way to combat depression, our century’s biggest fear and enemy. Similar to well-being retreats, prayer can have a significant impact on your overall well-being. This is also due to the dopamine levels that are increased after meditation or a prayer session, or even other spiritual techniques. This dopamine I just mentioned, can enhance your positive emotions, motivation, and also your cognitive abilities. These Healthy Dopamine levels are also known for their ability to prevent depression and anxiety.

A lot of scientists believe that there’s a strong bond between chronic inflammation and aging, and all credits to stress and its negative impact on the thyroid and adrenal glands. I also forgot to mention that this is, in fact, the thing which can cause burnout or adrenal fatigue. Practicing different relaxation techniques like healing prayer can definitely help us being in charge with the chronic inflammation, keep our immunity high and related diseases aside.

Obviously, not everybody can jump into a prayer routine straight away. There are plenty of Prayer Retreats that can help you improve your experience in healing prayer. This guide can be of great use if you already decided to search for wonderful Healing Prayer places. However, if you’d like to take this journey further, here what you can do:

Attend a Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Healing Prayer just scientifically proved its health benefits. Its theory is confirmed by plenty of scientists and universities and there is no doubt about that. At least, not anymore. But what about the benefits of yoga and meditation?

Similar to Praying, practicing yoga is one of the most popular ways that can help you reduce stress. Plenty of studies have already shown that Yoga is a great way to decrease the secretion of cortisol, the primary stress hormone.

Women Practicing Meditation In Nature


Many people begin reading and then practicing yoga as a way to cope with anxiety. If you are not sure about the anxity studies that have proved how helpful yoga can be when it comes to combatting anxiety, check out this study and find out how yoga significantly lowered their levels of anxiety.

As well as Praying, Yoga can reduce inflammation. While this is a normal immune response, chronic inflammation can contribute to the development of pro-inflammatory diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Why not avoiding that?

Besides the benefits we previously mentioned, Yoga is a great spiritual practice that can help you alleviate chronic pain and relieve migraines. It is a great way to improve the quality of your sleep, your flexibility-balance relationship and it will definitely increase your body strength.

And there you have it! Countless reasons to attend a yoga and meditation retreat to which you can add your healing prayer routine.

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