Here's Why You Should Make Your Next Vacation A Yoga Retreat

With an upcoming busy schedule, new projects and new strategies, you might feel overwhelmed and think of taking a week of mental preparation in the form of a six-day vegan yoga retreat.

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People are working too many nonstop hours, and there are a lot more that, see a quick travel break as a cure. We usually imagine our holidays in different ways and we all want to wake up and go exploring, visit places, learn something new, or simply - do nothing. I believe that this is just the thing that gets many of us back on the road to productivity.

I get to see a lot of people coming to visit us in Transylvania and they simply loved the idea of combining yoga with wellness practices. We keep in touch and they are always telling me about how a recent yoga retreat had left them feeling like a new person.

While most people are skeptical about joining a yoga retreat where there is a schedule or so, they end up in being really surprised when they find out that every activity is not mandatory so, if you do not feel like participating, that is absolutely fine. While it is ok to be a little scared of the unknown, here are some reasons why you should definitely think about a yoga retreat next time you are planning a vacation:

1. “I have to be an expert yogi” - No, you do not!

There are people that have always appreciated yoga, but never actually experience a yoga practice. Almost every yoga venue welcomes beginners to daily devotee. The beauty of a yoga retreat and its yoga classes is that you don’t have to keep up with everybody and everyone is free to go at their own speed whether that meant going slow with more challenging poses or simply pushing the limits on familiar ones.

2. Explore and Connect with nature


We all know that 99.9% of the yoga venues are located in beautiful natural locations around the world. Let me know if there is another way of getting out from the hustle and bustle of the city than to go on a yoga retreat! While on a yoga retreat, you’ll be able to connect with nature on a deeper level, forest bathing and immersing yourself in your surroundings.

3. Digital Detox

Not every retreat is a digital detox, reason why we designed a space where people will not use their phones or anything too technologic, except the Kindle. Going on a retreat vacation is a perfect time to disconnect from technology, get back to basics or even turn it off. Nowadays jobs require us to be on call and connected 24/7 but here is the time to switch that phone off, relax, breathe in, breathe out and just be present.

4. Deepen your yoga practice

Even though our busy schedules can stay on our yoga practice way, if you do find yourself on a yoga retreat, chances are you’ll have 2 classes offered a day (morning and evening), which will ensure your progress and you will observe the positive effects more quickly. This is a great way of thinking about your future yoga practice routine.

5. Make-Minded Friends 4ever

The main concern I get via e-mail from most people is about coming on a retreat & that they will be coming alone. They worry they'll be the only one, when in fact, 80-90% of people who join us come on their own.

The great thing about going on a yoga retreat alone is that you will meet people that share a common interest and passion with everyone else. You are all going to learn together, explore, expand, and somehow, this journey and the activities you will go through with the others will create beautiful bonds.

It is amazing how over the short space of a week, strangers from all over the world become friends and share their life experience.

6. Last but not least, FOOOOOOD!

Looking to cleanse your body, mind, heart, and soul? Then look no further than a yoga retreat in Transylvania.


The delicious, vegan healthy food that most yoga venues offer will help nourish and cleanse your body.

Your mind and emotions will be taken care of through your daily yoga practice and by this, I mean a very energetic yoga class in the morning and a very relaxing one in the evening + meditation and mindfulness, different yoga workshops, or some silence time (never underestimate the power of a silence day).

You will find yourself speaking to your soul as you take time out in the nurturing environment of a mountain yoga retreat, helping you to find answers or the new direction you were looking for.

What people don’t know yet is that the main focus of a yoga retreat is to help you feel restored, cleansed, re-inspired & recharged.

Bonus Reason — Because You're Worth It!

Really! I can’t remember the last time I did something for myself, to feel pampered and taking care of.


We often do so much for others without ever stopping to fill ourselves back up. You would probably not think twice about spending money or buy something sweet for a loved one, yet you'd think twice, and probably three or four times, before doing the same for you. Then you will find the part that comes with the excuses, the reasons you "shouldn't," and the million other things you should do or spend on instead.

I hope this inspires you to make this the year you give yourself the incredible life-changing gift of a yoga retreat. I'd love to hear about where you go and what your experience was. Make sure to share your reasons to go on a yoga retreat in the comments below!

Want to go on a vegan yoga retreat and discover, recharge and re-invent yourself? Join us in Transylvania for a 6 days yoga retreat.