Currency & Payment

We accept payments in € EUR and Romanian (RON) by VISA or Mastercard or cash. Be sure to take out cash before coming to the retreat as there are no cash facilities here in the village. To book we require 20% deposit and the remaining at the centre when you arrive. We accept payment on our website via Paypal and all our bookings are made using the Retreat Guru booking platform. 

How do I get to Brasov? 

The nearest airports are Sibiu or Bucharest, each approx. 2/3hrs drive. The airports are close to rail stations that go straight to Brasov. We facilitate pick up from Brasov city on the day of arrival at the retreat for those that would anticipate arriving early. We can also help you with trains or taxis from the airport to Brasov or to the retreat. We recommend to arrive in Brasov a day early prior to the retreat starting day, we can recommend accommodation in Brasov.

What time should I arrive on the first day? 

We can arrange pick up from Brasov at 3PM on arrival day or if you prefer to get here by yourself please arrive by 4PM so that we can take you through the retreat program, schedule & you can enjoy a light snack with the rest of us. 

Can I arrive late? 

Our retreats are run as 6 Day/ 5 Nights Residential Courses. Please take a look at our daily schedule for more details. We understand that you may need to arrive a few hours late on the first day because of travel arrangements, or to leave early on the last morning or previous evening. We recommend planning to arrive in Brasov at least one day prior to the retreat in order to be well rested for the first day of the retreat. We can help with transportation & accommodation if needed. 

Can I book extra nights? 

Yes, extra nights can be booked on the registration page together with the retreat or separately, please contact us if you need help. 

Can I stay less than 5 nights? 

Unfortunately no, our packages are designed to promote a full mind & body immersion and we don't believe a shorter period achieves the same results. If you do need to leave earlier, we understand and we can help you with your onward travel however we can't offer a discount or a different rate than the retreat package for shorter stays. On occasion we may publish shorter retreats. Please check the retreat dates & schedule. 

Cancellation Policy

Our deposits are nonrefundable. If you are unable to attend a retreat, then you can use your deposit towards another retreat valid for up to 6 months. Please inform us that you will not be attending the retreat in advance. You will be charged the full amount for your retreat, even if you do not stay for the full course.

Do I have to bring my own mat? 

All yoga and meditation gear (yoga mats, meditation benches and cushions) are supplied on site. If you prefer to bring your own yoga mat or other gear you are welcome to do so.

What is the weather like? 

We are at over 1000m altitude above sea level, it can get quite cold here at night time. If you are planning to explore the local countryside and nature which we highly recommend then it is advisable to bring waterproof shoes & warm clothing. 

What kind of food do you provide? 

Our delicious meals are vegan and vegetarian options. Upon booking your retreat you will be asked of your diet preferences and we can cater for special diets such as lacto or gluten intolerant. All meals are at set times in the dining area and are shared between all guests & teachers. The menu consists of a combination of Romanian vegan dishes and western. A typical breakfast and lunch is buffet style consisting of organic produce such as porridge, chia seed smoothie bowl, fruits, brown rice, Quinoa, Sweet potato, salads & homemade gluten free seed bread and many more mouthwatering dishes made by our chef. For dinner we offer a sit down family style meal with hot soups, lentils, stuffed peppers, vegan "sarmale" & polenta & many more. 

What pets do you have? 

Well, our pride & joy of the retreat & forever zen are our 3 dogs Toni, Luna & Bursuc. They certainly add spice to our lives here. They're always happy to guide you on walks in the forest and further afield!  Make sure you take some treats though. And a new addition is a baby kitten called Beasly who makes us laugh every day, we couldn't imagine live without them all. Don't worry they all have their homes so it shouldn't affect those with pet allergies. And just for the record, they adopted us not the other way around. 


This is my first retreat what should I expect? 

Congratulations! We're so happy to have you! Welcome to our little universe. A retreat is very different to any other holiday you may have had. The main difference being that you would be healthier, happier and a lot more full of energy coming from a retreat than coming from holiday. A few things to note are that there is a daily schedule of activities for the whole group such as yoga & meditation practice, group activities & meals & you also have free time for relaxing, reading or jumping in the jacuzzi. All meals at set times and this is the best time to get to know other group members better & make friends! Ultimately the retreat is about how to form healthier habits and give your mind & body space and chance to practice intensive yoga & meditation. Something that many of us don't have back home space, time & knowledge of how to. We promise you won't want to leave. 

What other animals can I see when I'm there? 

Every day is different here, one day you may see horses, another cows, another sheep, plenty of chickens, a few pigs, maybe some donkeys. This is a farming village and the locals look after the animals quite well, it's how they live & survive for generations in quite difficult terrain far from city life. One thing is for certain there is no shortage of wildlife and not too far from us there are bears, foxes & wild boars. We've yet to see them in our garden, that would really go down well on Instagram.