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A seed that grew into purpose. 


Akasha means


In Vedantic Hinduism. The basis and essence of all things in the material world from which all other elements come to be: water, air, fire & earth. Akasha is the first and most important. When we first arrived here in awe of the open spaces that the eyes could not quite grasp true, we understood then that this is the perfect space for the essential elements of healing & wellness to also form in perfect balance. They do for us, and we hope for all that come to visit. 

In Romanian the word “ACÁSĂ” (pronunciation: [aˈkasə] means "at home”, for us this is not only our home but it is also a place to rediscover the essence of life, reconnecting with nature and with our inner worlds. 



Owner & entrepreneur

Daniela Raileanu

Daniela is the lady with the fertile earth for our seed, she first found the village of Pestera and suffice to say she fell in love. With the people, the nature, the sounds of birds & many puppies that often follow her about. For over 20 years Daniela lived in London where she has a successful business analyst career and her own business consultancy practice.

Daniela always had a passion for healthy eating, sourcing organic fresh produce & healthy cooking. One day she felt the call to return home to Romania to start what Akasha is today. 

Connect with Daniela here @danielaupintransylvania or email her at

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Creator of retreat programme + akasha escapes

Irina Raileanu

Irina is the lady with the seed, the retreat programmes inspired by her own holistic healing journey.  Irina lived in London for over 15 years and ran an international travel startup when she discovered the true benefits of yoga, over 8 years ago, and with it a passion for health & personal development. Since then she has completed her yoga teacher training & travelled the world to be inspired, teach & practice yoga.

From the beaches of Goa, participating in retreats & traditional ashrams, studying Ayurveda, practicing meditation with Buddhist monks in Tibet and hiking the Himalayas, her journey motivated her to apply her yoga practice as an integrated part of a healthy lifestyle and to create the retreat experience for Akasha in Transylvania and the Akasha Escapes.  

Connect with Irina here @namascape or email her at


Medical Doctor

Dr Elena Toma 

Elena is the lady with the nutrients for our seed, supporting the retreat in creating a nutritionally balanced plant based menu & specialised medical recommendations for our gut healing, weight loss, juicing, detox & nutrition seminar retreat programmes. 

Elena practices Integrative Medicine from her private clinic in London and is also a practicing psychiatrist in the UK NHS for the last 12 years. Passionate about holistic health, nutrition & lifestyle medicine she is a member of the American Metabolical Medicine Institute & Institute of Functional Medicine. Elena promotes health through advanced medical treatment, based on prevention & management of disease and evidence based metabolic, functional & nutritional approaches.

Connect with Elena by email at


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