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We are not a traditional spa, we do things differently here. You create the ritual you want to have from a variety of home made organic bath & body products. 

Our massage therapists are international & qualified in a range of treatments from Swedish, Soft & Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Massage & body scrubs, facials & wrap treatments , They'll assist you in your choice of essential oil & body products so that your treatment complements specific conditions. 

We all believe this:

 If you won't eat it then you shouldn't put it on your body either. 

So we created our own range of products that are lovingly made here at AKASHA using only organic natural products such as Coconut Oil, Organic Herbs & Specialised Clays. 



Indulge every sense, your body deserves it. 

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Massage & Body Treatments

Our bodywork therapies are designed to complement your yoga practice. Our therapists understand the importance of helping you to connect to your body, releasing tension and improving your posture.  

Just a few benefits of regular massage therapy as an active part of your yoga practice are: releasing tension in problem areas, loosening the connective tissue in your outer thighs and increasing hip flexibility, improve your body awareness and highlight imbalances that can then be addressed in your yoga practice. 

€25 for 30 min / €45 for 60 min

Swedish Massage (Classic Massage)

This is a mild, moderate or deeper strokes on the back, arms, legs, neck and the rest of the body to target tissues and muscles for maximum stress relief, pain relief and most of all relaxation.  Swedish Massage uses gliding, kneading, tapping, friction and movement of joints to improve circulation and flexibility, increase the level of oxygen in the blood and decrease muscle toxins whilst easing tension.

Swedish Massage with Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on stretching the tissue that surrounds muscles, bones, nerves and organs.  Deep Tissue Massage works layer by layer through tissue and muscles down to the deepest accessible layers to help create freedom of movement by releasing fascial adhesions (knots) and muscle contractures.  It is used to target smaller areas of the body that are in specific need of attention.


Bathing Ritual Treatments

Bathing is actually an ancient therapeutic practice called balneotherapy. Almost all ancient cultures prescribe therapeutic bathing rituals to promote overall wellness and calm the skin, our body’s largest organ. Herbs and oils have long been combined with bath therapy to relax the mind, soothe sore muscles, and promote supple skin. Bathing rituals can also complement your meditation & yoga practice in clearing away aura energies, chakra balancing and healing. 

from €20 for 60 min includes :

Home Made Bath Salts Packs infused with your choice of organic essential oils

Herbal Tea Bath Rituals your choice of organic herbal tea blends & flowers

Combine your Bathing Ritual with an indulgent Organic face mask: 

Bentonite Clay, Seaweed, Activated Charcoal Facial Mask Blends

from €12



included with your stay

All our therapies are complemented by aromatherapy. Each day as we work on your chakra balancing asanas you teacher will recommend a blend of organic essential oils or you can choose your own to be diffused in the therapy room during your treatment & during yoga or meditation practice. 

Outdoor Jacuzzi & Sauna

included with your stay

Our guests have access to unlimited outdoor jacuzzi &  sauna. Both of course with a view! 


Choose a spa package that complements your yoga practice. Your body will thank you, we promise. 


A therapeutic treat for your body

90 min Body Massage Therapy

1 x Bath Ritual Treatment

during your stay



Inspired by the forrest

120 min Body Massage Therapy

2 x Bath Ritual Treatments  (choice of wild herbs & pine forrest buds)

during your stay




The ultimate all inclusive treat for your body. 

240min to spend how you want on Body Massage Therapy

2 x Bath Ritual Treatments

1 x Detoxifying Organic Clay Facial Mask

during your stay


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