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Food that connects you to nature. 

Plant Based, Gluten & Sugar Free


Healthy balanced Nutrition.

Forming good habits.

Our food is not the kind of food that only looks pretty in photos, it's the kind of food that heals your gut, improves digestion & cleanses gently. A plant based menu designed to fortify your overall health & wellbeing using organic unprocessed seasonal produce with the highest nutrient content possible. 

Menu created with the support of Dr Elena Toma MD specialist in Integrative Medicine.

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Retreat Menu

Standard with all our retreats -nutritionally balanced seasonal plant based menu.

Meals are served buffet style, over 70% organic produce, no additives.

We cater for Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free.

Special Retreat Menus for Gut Healing, Body Reset & Juice Cleanse.

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Healthy Drinks & Teas

Unlimited on the retreat are a wide selection of natural, healthy teas, organic coffee, filtered spring water.

Juices or smoothies are served at breakfast and can also be ordered from our kitchen throughout the day.

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Healthy Desserts

Our mission is to create gastronomic desserts that captivate the eye and sweeten the palate, taking care of your health whilst also enjoying the sweet pleasures in life.

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Healthy Breakfasts

Being the most important meal of the day, our breakfast is an elaborate feast including fresh fruits & smoothies, a selection of essential nuts, seeds & balanced breakfast dishes. No morning is ever the same.


Seasons & Traditions

Traditionally in Romanian culture, food is king. Although plant based food is a new term in Romania, vegetable fermentation, organic farming & meat/dairy free are widely practiced traditions. 

You'll also receive all our recipes at the end of the retreat so you can keep on eating the same Akasha delicious food at home. 

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Food related retreats

Our standard retreats follow a plant based menu. Occasionally we publish specific retreats for those that want to go deeper on their healing journey and learn how to create a lifestyle based on healthy eating & nutrition, with an associated purpose designed menu. 


Plant-Based Cooking & Yoga Retreat

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Vegan Cooking Course

Transylvanian Wine Tasting & Yoga Retreat

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Wine Tasting & Vegan Menu

Yoga & Gut Healing Retreat with Integrative Nutrition Course

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Gut Healing Menu & Nutrition