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  Ashtanga | Vinyasa Flow | Nidra | Meditation | Technical Workshops

Ashtanga | Vinyasa Flow | Nidra | Meditation | Technical Workshops

Current Resident Teacher

Robert McWilliams

Originally from Ireland, Rob is our current Resident Teacher at Akasha until the beginning of May.  With a background in musical theatre Rob has been teaching for over 10 years. Having a passion for developing workshops and classes both for adults and children he has gained years of experience teaching students in both performing arts and yoga. A certified 500 hour Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and SUP yoga teacher he has spent the last number of years teaching around the globe in locations such as India, Canada, Australia, Bali and Ireland.

Connect with Rob on his Instagram here: @iso_balance

Practice with Rob at Akasha Wellness Retreat in Transylvania



Visiting Teacher

Abby Dixon

Abby is nomadic, living somewhere between her yoga mat and her journal. Some years ago she packed up her life in London, leaving behind a career in Human Rights, to follow a dream of exploring the world, teaching yoga and writing poetry. She teaches a self-adapted version of Hatha Yoga, inspired by Hridaya, Sivananda, Iyengar and Agama traditions. With a balance between movement and stillness she guides her students through a sequence activating each chakra in turn. This allows for deeper exploration of these subtle energy wheels and encourages purification and healing to occur on many levels. With a focus on bringing kundalini energy to rest in the heart each practice finishes at Anahata (the heart) chakra. 

Connect with Abby on her Instagram here: @abbypoem

Practice with Abby - Apr 20 - Apr 25 - The Yoga of the Heart, Sound & Poetry



future Resident Teacher

Anna Loveridge

Anna is originally from the UK and will be  resident yoga teacher at Akasha Wellness Retreat from May until July 2018. Over the last 6 years she has delved deeper into her own practice soaking up inspiration and knowledge from a range of yoga influences. In 2017, she moved to Spain to embark on a 3 month Intensive Self Practice Exploration at Suryalila Yoga Retreat Centre with Frog Lotus International Yoga Teachers. She then travelled to where it all started, India, to complete her 200 hour Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training at Sampoorna Yoga, Goa.

Connect with Anna on her Instagram here @anzahatayoga

Practice with Anna at Akasha Wellness Retreat in Transylvania

 Coaching, Consulting and Training based on the Solution Focus approach

Coaching, Consulting and Training based on the Solution Focus approach

Guest Facilitator - Solution Focused Coaching

Petra Muller Demary & Liselotte Baeijaert 

A dream team for solution focused coaching & personal development, Petra & Liselotte bring their programme to Akasha. Their coaching practice is based on a deep trust in the recourses and (undiscovered) potential of our mind and wisdom of the body. As Solution Focused coaches and facilitators they support individuals, teams and organizations to reach their full potential.

Liselotte is a Solution Focused coach and facilitator since 1999 and she co-founded Ilfaro, a Belgian organization for coaching and training. She loves to work with people and be supportive in their journey to more Ease, Flow and Resilience. Together with Anton Stellamans she wrote the book ‘Resilient people, resilient teams’. Liselotte facilitates workshops on leadership, Solution Focus and Resilience and she coaches people using Solution Focus, mindfulness, energetic bodywork, movement, heart-coherence and breathing practices.

Connect with Petra here Connect with Liselotte here

Join Petra & Liselotte for Solution Focused Retreat – Flowing into your potential on Jul 13 and Sep 28

 Hatha | Vinyasa | Yin | Pranayama | Meditation 

Hatha | Vinyasa | Yin | Pranayama | Meditation 

Yoga TTC Lead Teacher

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is passionate about sharing as much knowledge as he gains, pursuing a way to learn as diligently as he travels and teaches. Soon after Alex graduated with his 500-hour certification in March 2014 he was invited to assist on teacher trainings where he specialised on pose alignment and teaching methodology courses.

After furthering his yoga education Alex offered classes of Vinyasa/Hatha, Yin, Restorative, and aerial yoga theories and sequencing. Furthermore, he is passionate about calisthenics, using that as a method to help students maximize their physical potential. Alex has traveled the world, teaching in healing and retreat centers throughout Central America, Southeast Asia and Europe, eventually finding a piece of home at Akasha Romania. 

Connect with Alex on his website, or Instagram @yogiconnex

Learn to Teach Yoga with Alex at Akasha Wellness Retreat in Transylvania. 

Practice with Alex on the Costa Rica Akasha Escape - April 20 - April 27, 2019. 


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