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The legacy of Akasha long after you've left is to enable you to make better decisions towards optimal health & wellbeing. A practical holistic approach that contributes towards a healthy and fulfilling life. 


Slow Down. Unplug. Connect with yourself


The Natural order of overall well-being


Earth ("Prthvi")

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The principle of inertia

Healthy Food

Vegan & Organic

Locally Sourced & Seasonal



water (“Ap”)

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The principle of cohesion

Natural Spring Water

Salt Water Hot Tub

Spa & Sauna


Life & Living

Both Ayurveda and Yoga are based on the principle of the five elements. These five elements are responsible for the structure of the universe; they are the building blocks of the material world. Here at Akasha they form the experience of wellness. 

ether ("akash")

The principle of pervasiveness

Self discovery


Comfort & union with the present moment



Fire ("agni")

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The principle of radiance


Mind Body Therapy

Physical Wellbeing

Hiking & Walking

Air ("Vayu")

The principle of vibration


Spiritual Connection & Community

Personal Growth


Find your balance.

Be Well.

Wellness is about the prevention of disease. Things we take for granted like stress management, time for yourself, care for others, sharing & calming your mind & clearing toxins. 

Our body is made up of the five elements and so is everything we consume. Because natural substances such as foods, herbs, minerals, sunlight, air, and water are of the same composition as our structure, our body’s can utilise them in a harmonious way.

Here at Akasha we use these principles to maintain health and promote healing. In a healthy body, the five elements are maintained in a particular proportion. When the state of the body is not in its natural harmony, the body will try to maintain it’s equilibrium by eliminating excess elements and taking in others. All disorders of the body are manifested because of a disturbance in this balance of the body’s components.