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Alchemy of Nature, The element of Air – Yoga Retreat

  • Akasha Wellness Retreat in Transylvania 187 Strada Principală Pestera, Brasov Romania (map)
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from €700 / person all inclusive




Vāyu (Sanskrit,)  is a primary Hindu deity, the lord of the winds, the father of Bhima and the spiritual father of Hanuman. He is also known as Anil (“Air, Wind”), Vyān (Air), Vāta (“Airy Element”), Tanun (The Wind), Pavan (“The Purifier”), and sometimes Prāṇa (“The Breath”).

The main principle of air is movement. Any time there is motion then we know air must be present. Although the word vayu translates directly to wind or air, its meaning is far deeper and no single word could ever explain the full spectrum of this great element. As consciousness continues to move along the spectrum of the elements away from ether and towards form, the air element is the point where it takes on a particular direction or goal; an idea of what to move towards. It has a tendency to be erratic and quickly move in another direction. Within the body, it predominantly manifests as the electrical energy in the nervous system, movement of all tissues and cell functions, and the formation of gases. It governs all of the senses due to its affinity with the nervous system and specifically the sense of touch and the action of the hands to give, receive and move things.

Yoga is felt, above all. It is an art of internal touch. Air is the medium of the tactile: immersing the skin and entering the respiratory channels to expose and vitalise all inner surfaces. Of course: yoga is breathed, transforming raw air element into its intelligent and structured evolute, prana. When the breath is full and calm, and when inhale and exhale are equalized, our inner and outer ecologies commune, and anxiety recedes. Air, resolves inner tensions & restores calm.


  • Twice Daily gentle yoga sessions to warm up in the morning and stretch in the evening. Vinyasa & Yin Yoga styles, all classes suitable for beginners & intermediates

  • 3 Daily healthy plant based meals all organic and local produce, nutritionally balanced, varied & delicious!
  • All drinks on retreat, cold pressed juices & smoothies, filtered water & organic detoxifying teas
  • 5 nights accommodation in boutique rooms with en-suite bathrooms and glorious mountain views
  • Introduction to yoga philosophy and practice through dedicated workshops
  • Enjoy hiking, nature & forest walks, reading & relaxing in our common spaces
  • Group activities, cinema & library, creative arts & crafts
  • Unlimited Jacuzzi Hot Tub & Sauna, traditional & infra-red
  • Optional Spa Massage Therapy & Salt Herbal Bath Soak Rituals
  • Pick up & Drop Off to & from Brasov City
  • Integrative Medicine & Nutrition support from Medical Doctors.

Highlights of Alchemy of Nature, The element of Air

Guided Yoga Flows  – effortlessly flowing yoga classes designed around the element of air, focused on mobility

Free Movement – session with music inspiring creative exploration of what and how our bodies can move freely.

Aromatherapy – essential oils are a great supporter for the element of air

Pranayama – refining the quality of our breathing





Rates are per person all inclusive as per the retreat package. Supplement for a second person when sharing the same double room applies.

30% deposit remaining balance on arrival

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