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HIKING & YOGA RETREAT - Alchemy of Nature, The element of Earth

  • Akasha Wellness Retreat in Transylvania 187 Strada Principală Pestera, Brasov Romania (map)
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from €580 / person all inclusive

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Twin Room - Sharing – €580 (full rate €731)

Double Room - Private – €920 (full rate €1151)

Prithvi (Sanskrit: पृथ्वी) “the Vast One” is the Sanskrit name for the element of earth.

The main principle of earth is structure & stability. It cradles and holds all creatures of the planet giving them support, food and shelter. Within the body it predominantly manifests as the solid structures such as bones, muscles, cartilage, nails, hair, teeth and skin.

In our Yoga practice the earth element is to surrender to gravity and compression, to sink down and find connection with the experience of limitless support. Earth element invokes trust. Earth provides the still, quiet affirmation that everything is supported, and that everything returns home. This is powerful medicine for the ungrounded, for the dissociated, for those far from home, for those in unstable relationships with other or with their sources of support, for those who tremble subtly with anxiety.

In our Yoga practice this is manifested through solidity, rooting through hands and feet, and bringing more body weight into the bones, creating a sense of stability in poses by shifting the weight into the bones of the body.  This allows you to stand firm when circumstances of life require it.


  • A full day hike & visit to Bucegi mountains, the Romanian Sphinx & “Babele” with transport to/from & packed lunch & snacks
  • Twice Daily gentle yoga sessions to warm up in the morning and stretch in the evening. Vinyasa & Yin Yoga styles, all classes suitable for beginners & intermediates

  • 3 Daily healthy plant based meals all organic and local produce, nutritionally balanced, varied & delicious!
  • All drinks on retreat, cold pressed juices & smoothies, filtered water & organic detoxifying teas
  • 5 nights accommodation in boutique rooms with en-suite bathrooms and glorious mountain views
  • Introduction to yoga philosophy and practice through dedicated workshops
  • Enjoy hiking, nature & forest walks, reading & relaxing in our common spaces
  • Group activities, cinema & library, creative arts & crafts
  • Unlimited Jacuzzi Hot Tub & Sauna, traditional & infra-red
  • Optional Spa Massage Therapy & Salt Herbal Bath Soak Rituals
  • Pick up & Drop Off to & from Brasov City
  • Integrative Medicine & Nutrition support from Medical Doctors.

Highlights of Alchemy of Nature, The element of Earth

Grounding Yoga Asanas – focused on stability & strength in the hands and feet

Barefoot Walking Meditation – connecting with the energy of Mother Earth through the soles of the feet

Full day hike & trip to Bucegi and the Romanian Sphinx & the Grandmothers – On a bright clear day we can see the top of the Bucegi Mountains, another main National Park in Romania where you’ll find the mystical Romanian Sphinx. A place with incredible ancient energy and potential to heal. In old Romanian language “a bucegi” means “to choose” – these are “the chosen” mountains; and for good reason. The legendary Sphinx of the Bucegi Mountains (2200 m altitude) is a rock shaped by wind and other natural phenomenon as a man’s head. It is considered to represent a spiritually powerful place and a symbol of the spirit of the Dacians, ancestors of the Romanian people.

Planting trees in our forrest & Creating a Healing Intention – trees are guardians of the earth, our connection with nature surrounding us must come from a place of respect, humility and love.

Encouraging an attitude that firmly establishes our right to the life we truly want – The earth element is represented in the first root chakra of the body. The more inner stability we can mentally create, the more grounded life becomes, and the better we are able to cope with change. Journaling exercises that helps us identify insecurities started from the root chakra will help us find balance & purpose.



Twin Room - Sharing – €580 (full rate €731)

Double Room - Private – €920 (full rate €1151)

Rates are per person all inclusive as per the retreat package. Supplement for a second person when sharing the same double room applies.

30% deposit remaining balance on arrival