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The Yoga of the Heart, Sound & Poetry Retreat

  • Akasha Wellness Retreat in Transylvania 187 Strada Principală Pestera, Brasov Romania (map)

from €600 / person all inclusive

Combining movement, stillness, deep thought and free expression we will embark on a week long healing retreat in the countryside of Transylvania.

Our days will include two Hatha yoga and meditation sessions juxtaposed with poetry writing and mantra chanting. Focusing on enabling our true voices to blossom, emphasis is given to tuning into subtle energy frequencies and becoming more aware of the chakra system.

Believing that the true answers to health and happiness lie within us all this system brings about deep purification, healing and transformation. We just need to find the courage to look inside and listen more carefully to silence.


  • Daily Morning and Evening Yoga Practice & Meditation / Pranayama classes with Abby Dixon
  • Daily Poetry, Music & Mantra Chanting Sessions with Abby
  • 1 x 60 min massage or body therapy from the spa included in the rate
  • 3 Organic Plant Based meals per day all nutritionally balanced, varied & delicious
  • All drinks, detoxifying teas, smoothies & juices on retreat
  • Unlimited Outdoor Jacuzzi Hot Tub, Traditional & Infrared Sauna
  • 5 nights accommodation in boutique rooms with en-suite bathrooms and glorious mountain views.
  • Group activities, cinema & library, creative arts & crafts
  • Enjoy walks in nature, reading & relaxing in our common areas.
  • Optional Massages by gifted resident massage therapists
  • Pick up & Drop Off to & from Brasov City
  • Integrative Medicine & Nutrition support by email & phone during or post your retreat.

Hatha Yoga

There is something different about asana practice when ones eyes are closed. There is no room for distraction, no room for comparison or communication. We become gifted with the present moment. Each morning and evening we will meet on our yoga mats to find a balance between movement and stillness. Our teacher, Abby Dixon shares a self-adapted version of classical Hatha Yoga, inspired by Hridaya, Sivananda and Agama traditions.

The focus is to find a space of tranquility within, while activating and energising different muscles and energy points in the body. Using the chakra system to guide yogis through their practice brings another element into the sequence, and allows for deeper exploration of these subtle energy wheels. Drawing attention to the breath, especially during awareness phases brings yogis more in tune with their lung capacity, and its common underuse. Through breath we are able to eliminate more toxins than through any other method of excretion. We explore breath and its ability to cleanse and heal through pranayama practice, too. Holding postures for extended periods of time, allows the body to become more subtle and flexible without risking injury.

The states of stillness cultivated during these periods resting in posture, deepen our states of consciousness and allow for each seat to become a meditation position. Yoga is more than a workout. It makes you realise that when you surrender and when you find stillness, strength follows. This strength cultivated is both mental and physical, bringing harmony and balance to our existence.


Music is magic. We will finish each yoga practice with a mantra, and there will me many opportunities throughout the week to sing sacred songs from all over the world.



Twin Room - Sharing – €660.00

Double Room - Private – €996.00

Rates are per person all inclusive as per the retreat package. Supplement for a second person when sharing the same double room applies.

30% deposit remaining balance on arrival

A word from Abby Dixon

I was born and raised on the Isle of Man, a beautiful, blustery Island in the middle of the Irish Sea. Blessed by a childhood on this mystical land, filled with old folk-lore, myths and fairy-tales, I developed a love early on for all things mysterious, wild and untamed. Some years ago I packed up life in London, leaving behind a career in Human Rights, to follow a dream of exploring the world, teaching yoga and writing and performing poetry. I have journeyed, on foot,on horseback and by hair-raising public transport through thousands of square kilometres of African wilderness, Indian mysteries, the Himalayas, the High Andes, the Amazon rainforest and the fiery volcanoes of Latin America.

Expanding my knowledge of yogic practice and philosophy, shamanism, crystal and energy healing, permaculture design, wildlife conservation and sustainable living techniques, has changed my perspective on life dramatically. I passionately believe that since stepping onto the spiritual path, purifying my being on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, my creativity has blossomed and with it the manifestation of my greatest dream. Today, I have chosen to settle of a warmer Island, though just as wild and mystical; Ibiza. I combine asana yoga and meditation with music and poetry, to bring about deep purification healing and transformation. I teach yoga and perform live music all over this wonderful world. I love my life.

Abby performing "Just Love" at Sofar Ibiza on April 2nd, 2017