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Akasha is a beautiful space at over 1000m altitude with unspoiled mountain views in the heart of the Transylvanian countryside. From here, high above the daily city life we practice a simple philosophy inspired by nature, clean eating, relaxation, spirituality & a balanced healthy mind healthy body lifestyle. 

Akasha ((Sanskrit ākāśa आकाश) is a term for "æther" in traditional Indian cosmology and it means "upper sky" or ‘space’. In Vedantic Hinduism, it means the basis and essence of all things in the material world; the first material element, one of the five Mahābhūtas (grand physical elements) created from the astral world.

Thus, first appeared the space or akasha, from which appeared air, from that fire or energy, from which the water, and therefrom the earth. These five elements are the basis for the AKASHA WELLNESS RETREAT and they are represented in all our facilities & concept of retreat. 

In Romanian the word “ACÁSĂ” (pronunciation: [aˈkasə] means "at home”, for us this is the place of REBIRTH, REDISCOVERY & RECONNECT with a healthier, happier YOU. 



The RETREAT is set in the pretty little village of Pestera in the centre of the beautiful Piatra Craiului National Park, one of the most majestic mountains & unspoilt natural reserves of Romania. And just around the corner you can spot an even grander mountain landscape, the mystical Bucegi mountains and National Park. 

In this quiet & small little village you'll find a handful of hard working mountain farmers & shepherds maintaining 100yr old traditions. Set in almost an acre of greenland, our retreat has 360 degree views over beautiful sloping hills, forests & natural rivers that flow at the bottom of our garden.  

This is not just a YOGA retreat.

This is nature's treat for YOUR wellbeing. 


A few kind words

"It was a true paradise in the midst of Transylvania’s lush countryside, with beautiful people, food and atmosphere." Sabra, May 2017

"I am still glowing from my time last week at Akasha. It was such a beautiful experience. A great mix of challenge and rejuvenation! I enjoyed the yoga exploration and the mixture we had of the more demanding vinyasa and ashtanga to the stretching and mindful practice of yin. The food, as stated by others, is just amazing. So fresh and inspiring to the tastebuds! I cannot wait to get cooking myself! I really feel inspired by my time here and have picked up so many little lessons to try and carry forth in my daily life." Kailyn, April 2017

 "I spent a most wonderful week at Akasha, everything was just perfect and I never ate so good in my whole life! The location was amazing and so was everyone at the retreat. Daniela and Irina made me feel like family from the beginning.  I hope I can make it again this year! I never relaxed so well in just a week." Tanja, April 2017

"If you want to be immersed in a dimension of paradisiac relaxation, incredible tasty and diverse food, warm and inspiring hosts, then come to Akasha! Daniela and Irina have created a wonderful and welcoming space here, in a village in the mountains of Transylvania. You will feel the magic of the place and you feel the transformation in you, when you come back to the noisy circadian rhythm. " Roxana, January 2017

"This was my first retreat and it was such a wonderful experience! The place is located in the middle of beautiful mountains, perfect to make a cure of nature. The house feels more like a home than an hotel, rooms are really nice and comfy and the commons areas are super nice. The yoga class are lead by very kind and experienced teachers. Perfect for beginners as for intermediate. Other activities are planned but you also get a lot of time for yourself to read, draw a mandala, have a walk around, get a massage...Food is just amazing and will make you even happier every meal and you´ll discover new recipes to bring back home. Irina, her mom and all the team feels more like a family after 2 days. Very kind and always there for you.
The only fear you can have about this retreat is that you won´t want to leave this place and will feel immediately nostalgic."
Elise, April 2017

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