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Transform & Heal

Yoga and Wellness Retreats

in Timeless Transylvania


Take time off. To Reassess.

What's truly important.

When you've done searching for answers in the city, escape the noise, pollution & stress to retreat in the virgin forests & unspoilt nature of Transylvania.

Here, nature does most of the work and when you need some extra support, you'll find digital detox, natural therapies, plant-based diet & wellbeing themes all designed to inspire your own intelligent lifestyle flow. 


Upgrade Yourself

Find your yoga flow.



The core of your being.


As natural as breathing. Yet we often forget. Learn to breathe again, form good habits, spend time in nature, and balance the inner & outer worlds through meditation, yoga & relaxation. 

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Transylvania Hiking the “OM” Peak & Yoga Retreat

June 7 - 12

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat.jpg

Plant-Based Cooking & Yoga Retreat

July 5 - 10


When great minds think alike

Magic happens

Do you feel the call?


Experience Akasha

Living. Well. Meditate.


purpose of healing

The only yoga center of it's kind in Romania dedicated to healing, wellbeing, meditation & retreat holidays. Each corner of our loving space is designed with healing in mind. 

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Remote Location and nature views

Perched at the top of the village, 1000m above sea level, you’ll find 360 degree views across the Carpathian mountains, the Piatra Craiului National Park. 

Natural Healthy Food

Food. Naturally. healthy. 

Organic, locally grown produce. We source our food from Romania, supporting local farmers & the environment. Our food is plant based, sugar & gluten free. 

Daily Meditation and Daily Yoga Meditation Routine

daily Yoga and Meditation

Our Yoga teachers are guides for you to return to inner balance, helping through asana practice, pranayama & guided meditations. We practice twice Daily.  

Rewilding in Transylvania

Take a deep breath, filling your body with mountain pure air, it feels as if it may have never been inhaled by another being. Developing a permanent love of the outdoors. Something in you has been unlocked, and it can never be sealed away again.


“Exactly what I needed,

"Had an absolutely wonderful time staying at Akasha earlier this year. It really is a special and beautiful place. Going in Autumn all the leaves were turning and the hills were bathed in a warm golden light. After couple of days of yoga, relaxation, good sleep, country walks and delicious food I felt both peaceful and full of beans like never before. It was wonderful meeting Daniela and hearing all about the vision behind Akasha and how her dream has become a reality. Everyone was so accommodating and really went out of their way to make it a super special stay for all of us. I will definitely be back soon.” Jo, Oct 2018

“An unexpected surprise... lush, luxurious and lazy day living,

The oasis that is Akasha is a gem... among the rolling hills of Romania is a beautiful surprise of a retreat center that offers hot tubs on cool nights, sunrise yoga and mid-day hikes. It’s a dream!!!” Saniyka, Nov 2018