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Detach from city life

Here you have the freedom to explore nature, reawaken the magic & mystery of life & restore your inner peace, and all of this in a cosy, comfortable & beautiful setting.


You'll find us in the pretty little village of Pestera, in the centre of the beautiful Piatra Craiului National Park, one of the most majestic mountains & unspoilt natural reserves of Romania. Just around the corner you'll see Bran Castle or Bram Stoker's famous Dracula Castle & the mystical Bucegi mountains with it's majestic all natural Sphinx. 

In this quiet & small little village you'll find a handful of hard working mountain farmers & shepherds maintaining 100yr old traditions. Set in almost an acre of greenland, our retreat has 360 degree views over beautiful sloping hills, forests & natural rivers that flow at the bottom of our garden.  

Akasha is a term for "æther" in traditional Indian cosmology and it means "upper sky" or ‘space’. In Vedantic Hinduism, it means the basis and essence of all things in the material world. In Romanian the word “ACÁSĂ” (pronunciation: [aˈkasə] means "at home”, for us this is not only our home indeed but it is also a place to rediscover the essence of life, rewilding and reconnecting with nature and with our inner worlds. 

It all started when we realised there is more to life than cities. 


We realised we wanted to live in symbiosis with nature, far from the crowds, pollution and coldness of city life. That's when we decided to give up the so called comforts of our life in London, after 17 years of calling it home and move to rural Romania to create a space that was in line with our personal & spiritual values.

A place of healing and relaxation. A place that does well for others, a place with soul & purpose. 

In 2016, AKASHA came to us as a natural progression after years of travelling & practicing yoga, eating food to nourish not just to feed, studying at yoga teacher training schools and former hospitality & business experience. Here was a space of unspoiled natural abundance where we could practice meditation & yoga as an integrated part of daily life & be surrounded by a kind, wonderful community that supports it.

Beyond anything else, we are a tight knit family of women sharing this incredible bond & passion for living life freely, living life well & doing things a little differently, always. On your retreat you will meet Irina, the daughter (also the yoga & creative part) , Daniela, the mum (the experienced entrepreneur part) & Elena, the aunt/sister (the medical & really smart part) all working together combining efforts, skills & experiences to create what Akasha is today. 

We look forward to hosting you to one of our retreats soon. 

Irina, Daniela & Elena