The seed that grewn into purpose 

Living a meaningful life.

Our story curating yoga & wellness experiences in a sleepy village in Transylvania.


When we discovered the pretty village of Pestera in Romania we realised there is more to life than cities.

We travelled and lived all over the world in search of this, but it was there all along, right at home, “Acasa”. Akasha Wellness Retreat is a project that values healing and connection to nature and to each other, formed by the community of people, just like us, who had the courage to explore untravelled paths. It is the only dedicated yoga retreat in Romania.

Daniela Raileanu

Retreat OWNER

Owner and Entrepreneur Daniela Raileanu.jpg

Daniela is the lady with the fertile land for our seed - the village of Pestera & Akasha as we know it today. For over 20 years Daniela lived in London where she has a successful business analyst career and her own business consultancy practice but in the back of her mind her passion lied in healthy cooking & sourcing organic fresh produce. Because of her meticulous attention to detail, the retreat runs like clockwork with a team of highly dedicated people & motivates all of us to smile more often.

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Irina Raileanu

retreat curator

Creator of the Yoga Retreat Programme Irina Railneanu.png

Irina is the lady with the seed - individually curated retreat programmes inspired by her own holistic healing journey after 17 years living in London. She spent the last 5 years travelling the world on a spiritual quest for finding purpose, qualifying as a registered yoga teacher, participating in retreats & traditional ashrams, studying Ayurveda & practicing meditation whilst never forgetting her passion for creative innovation, startups & hospitality.

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Dr Elena Toma MD, AFMCP

retreat medical advisor


Elena provides the nutrients for our seed, supporting the retreat in creating nutritionally balanced plant based menus & specialised medical recommendations for our gut healing, detox & nutrition programmes. Elena is a London based psychiatrist, functional medicine practitioner & a registered consultant for Integrative Medicine for Mental Health (IMMH). She regularly visits Akasha to make sure we’re all on a healthy track.

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One for the bucket list.

We’re 100% sure you’d never put Yoga Retreats and Transylvania in the same thought.

We’re trying to change common misperception of our beautiful country from things like former communist, vampires & empty lands to Europe’s last secret garden, a place for healing, wellness & culture.


Akasha is 2.5hrs away from Bucharest Airport.


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Akasha is 45mins away from brasov by taxi.

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Akasha is 15mins away from Dracula’s Castle..


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